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Making Stories Magazine Issue 6

Please note: Our remaining stock of Issue 6 is in our US warehouse. US stockists are more than welcome to order directly - if you're based outside the US, please get in touch with us (hannalisa@making-stories.com) before if you'd like to get copies of Issue 6 for a shipping cost quote.

About Issue 6

Theme: Skyward

In Issue 6, we’re taking a look upward and beyond as a gentle reminder to not forget to look skyward, to see the beauty above, to take a breath of fresh air.

The 12 knitting patterns we’re so excited to share with you are inspired by everything we see when we take our eyes off the ground – the sky, the clouds, the buildings, the trees, the texture, the light. They’re complemented by the works of our artists and writers who remind us to stay present and connected, no matter where we are and what we see.

Designs by:

Audrey Borrego, Ayano Tanaka, Elena Solier Jansà, Emily Joy Rickard, Fiona Alice, Julia Exner, Kjerstin Rovetta, Ksenia Naidyon, Makenzie Alvarez, Susan Schädler, Valentina Cosciani

Yarns by:

Annabel Williams, Biches & Bûches, Bouclelaine, byLaxtons, Garthenor Organic, Gepard Garn, Holst Garn, Isager, Mominoki Yarn, The Fibre Co., Uist Wool, and woollentwine

Contributions by:

Deborah Stack, Luuanne Chau, and Susan Chin

Digital Downloads

Every print copy comes with a digital version as well as a Ravelry copy! On the first page of the magazine, we print two download codes: One for a PDF, and a second one for adding a copy to a Ravelry library.

Good to Know

    • Pages:136 completely ad-free pages
    • Dimensions: 20 x 26 x 1 cm / 7.9 x 10.3 x 0.4” (Width x length x height)
    • Weight: Approx. 400g
    • Recommended Retail Price: €24.90
    • Printed on 100% recycled paper (Blue Angel certificate) with Umweltdruck Berlin, a printer local to us
    • Shipped out from our warehouse in Berlin with DHL or our warehouse in the US with USPS

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